Key Takeaways – SIOR Fall Conference

As SIOR Utah chapter president and a proud SIOR Foundation trustee member, I attended the recent SIOR Fall Conference in Chicago. Incredible sessions with valuable takeaways surrounded by wonderful energy, info-share, and networking. Taking time to digest information gleaned from a few sessions attended, I’ve landed on a handful of salient takeaways to share.

  1. There is a bright light in Washington D.C. – The newly formed Problem Solvers Caucus is focused on positive change, working towards “yes” on key issues impacting the commercial real estate industry, such as tax reform.
  2. This cycle is long and the future is bright – The market has reached and surpassed the positive numbers experienced just before the 2009 economic downturn. With few markets over-supplied, flush foreign capital, and room for secondary market appreciation, we can expect this cycle to be long with a controlled decent.
  3. Cyber security should be and is a concern – As population and tech advances grow, world-wide cyber security seems to be more fragile and volatile. We need to be vigilant and look for the indicators, warnings and Cassandras. Check a recent book review of Warnings: Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes.
  4. Salt Lake City IS the place – In a session led by the MIT Center for Real Estate, examining both macro and micro U. S. markets, Salt Lake City was one of two cities specifically called out as prime for commercial real estate investment .

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